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June 9, 2024, 7:07 p.m.
Alliances Mean Victory
Alliances Mean Victory
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It may be said that the war against Hitler was won on the Eastern Front. It was the Red Army that broke the back of the Wehrmacht. Crucial to the Soviet Union’s victory was America’s Lend-Lease Act of 1941, which was originally titled An Act to Promote The De…

Alliances Mean Victory

Crucial to the Soviet Union's victory was America's Lend-Lease Act of 1941, which was originally titled An Act to Promote The Defense for the United States. The Tizard mission is a testament to why alliances are necessary for America's defense. Not only is the percentage of American military spending dedicated to aiding Ukraine far less than that provided by America through Lend-Lease, but also almost all of this money is spent either to purchase new, American-made military equipment for Ukraine or to replenish our own stocks that are drawn down to provide required but outdated articles to the battlefront. The provision of ATACMS to Ukraine costs the United States very little, though it has enormously degraded Moscow's future combat potential. The war in Ukraine has shown the world that weapons built in Russia are second-rate. Our answer must begin with Ukraine's victory over Russia. To improve collaboration with allies and friends, such as Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, the United States should first determine which systems can be refreshed, transferred, and used by recipient nations.

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