Oct. 23, 2023
XX Zjazd Komunistycznej Partii Chin – o co chodzi?

XX Zjazd KPCh – przewidywania, zasady i przebieg. 16 października rozpocznie się w Pekinie 20 krajowy zjazd Komunistycznej Partii Chin. Wydarzenie to odbija się szerokim echem w zachodnich mediach, gdzie nazywane jest ‘koronacją Xi Jinpinga” czy „historycznym zebraniem”. Oczekuje się, że Xi Jinping zostanie ponownie, już po raz trzeci, wybrany na stanowisko generalnego sekretarza partii.

00:00 Wstęp
01:20 Dlaczego Zjazd jest ważny?
02:36 Struktury Partii
03:27 Wybory do Zjazdu
04:44 Przebieg Zjazdu
05:12 Uczestnicy Zjazdu
05:56 Przebieg Zjazdu cd.
07:04 Przewidywania
08:46 Dwie ważne zasady
09:58 Kto będzie premierem?
11:21 Kto będzie rządził Chinami?
12:41 Upadek Li Qianga
13:08 Złamanie zasad
13:42 Nic nie wiemy o Chinach

Oct. 23, 2023
Odcinek "Przyjaciółek" z chińską restauracją to TRAGEDIA

Parę lat temu dostałem propozycję konsultacji do odcinka 176 polsatowego serialu „Przyjaciółki”. Ostatnio przypomniałem sobie o tym epizodzie i pomyślałem, że może warto będzie sobie obejrzeć i zobaczyć, co w końcu z tego wyszło. A wyszło gorzej, niż się spodziewałem.

00:00 Wstęp
02:20 Dagmar i Zuza kupują restaurację chińską
03:00 Jak Dagmar i Zuza mówią po chińsku?
05:12 Koreańczyk gra Chińczyka w "Ranczo"
05:55 Maneki-neko i dobrowróżebne znaki chińskie
07:20 W lalce są DUCHI
09:48 Tani, chiński plastik za jednego dolara
11:15 Chińczyki trzymają się mocniej od nas
12:34 Czemu takie sceny w serialach są szkodliwe?

Sept. 1, 2022
Chinese Twitter EXPLODES due to Pelosi's visit in Taiwan!

Weibo exploded after Nancy Pelosi landed! For one, because it broke down several times due to server overload, and secondly because the emotions were at their peak. How did normal Chinese citizens comment Nancy Pelosi's arrival in Taiwan right after her landing and shortly thereafter? In the video you will learn that and other surprising facts.
00:00 Introduction
00:53 China Before the Visit
01:43 Nancy Pelosi Has Landed!
02:24 Weak Reaction From China
03:04 Sadness, Anger, Fatigue
04:00 Losing Face, Slapping
04:30 Mocking the Government
05:40 Defending the Government
06:29 Volatile Narrative
08:29 The Spirit of Ah Q
08:54 Rapper Saves China?
09:13 Bought Comments
10:30 Hebe Tien Criticized
10:46 Stable Narrative
12:33 Believe in China

July 5, 2022
How many Chinese characters are there?

How many Chinese characters are there? How many characters do we need to know to read Chinese texts? I will answer it in today's China in a Nutshell!

Repository with various texts and a character counting script: https://github.com/sicin/licznik_znakow
00:00 Introduction
00:16 What Is Wikipedia Saying?
01:18 How Many Characters Are There?
02:46 Can We Read the Old Texts?
03:42 How Many Characters Do We Need?
06:30 Chinese Illiterates
07:30 Ending

April 20, 2022
China FOR or AGAINST Russia? China and war in Ukraine | In Depth

China on Russia-Ukraine is Sinoreporter's commentary on the Chinese reaction to the war in Ukraine / the Ukrainian-Russian war. Almost two months have passed since February 24, when Russian troops entered Ukraine. Since then, many Poles have had their lives consumed by the topic of war, either by directly engaging in helping refugees from Ukraine, or by reading and listening to news from the front. There is no doubt that the Polish press, politicians and ordinary people with practically one voice condemned the Russian invasion, uniting with Ukraine. With the outbreak of war, however, the world turned its attention to China. Especially at the beginning of the war, China's reaction was a topic that appeared frequently in the Polish media.
The guest of the program is Marcin Damek, a PhD candidate at the Faculty of History of the Nankin University.

00:00 Introduction
03:11 Chinese Narrative
03:28 China-Russia Friendship
05:50 Aversion to the USA
07:36 Peace Narrative
10:41 The Chinese Paradox
13:43 The Taiwanese Conundrum
14:59 Ending

March 17, 2022
How to address people in Chinese? | Chinese Cultural Communication

The first film in a series on Chinese cultural communication in which we try to better understand China and the Chinese people. Why is it better to be called a "servant" than a "goddess" or "miss" in China? Why do people in Jinan call each other "teacher"? I will answer those and other questions in the first episode, "How to address the Chinese?"

March 17, 2022
Lithuania-China Conflict is NOT Simple! | In Depth

When did the conflict between Lithuania and China start? What was the context of opening the Taiwanese Representative Office in Vilinus? What can Taiwan offer Lithuania? What are the USA and Russia doing in this conflict? I will try to answer those and more questions in the video.

00:00 Introduction
02:34 New Lithuanian Government
04:16 Conflict from 2019
05:37 New Government, New Problems
07:17 Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania
09:43 Why is Lithuania Doing That?
13:51 Ending

July 6, 2021

due to the fact that credit cards never
became mainstream
China has leapfrogged many other
countries in cashless tech from homeless
people to restaurants nearly every
business or person has a unique QR code
that links up with your bank account
without the need of personal information

July 7, 2021
Inside China's Accelerating Bid for Chip Supremacy

Right now the world is dependent on Taiwan for silicon semiconductors called chips, which give devices like iPhones their functionality. This reliance has the U.S. and China both racing for technological independence.

July 5, 2021
Chinese President Xi speaks at Communist Party centenary

China is marking 100 years since the founding of the ruling Communist Party with events in Beijing including a speech by President Xi Jinping, who is also party general secretary.