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July 8, 2024, 10:30 p.m.
NatCon: 'Breaking the China Addiction'
NatCon: 'Breaking the China Addiction'
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State of the Union: An in-depth discussion of China’s power unfolded at NatCon. The post NatCon: ‘Breaking the China Addiction’ appeared first on The American Conservative.

NatCon: 'Breaking the China Addiction'

Goldman focused on China's continued dominance in the global south in manufacturing and workforce capabilities in comparison to other countries, particularly the United States. At the rate China is going compared to the United States, it will take trillions of dollars to play a game of catch up with infrastructure and supply chains in the global south. Harvilicz emphasized how important it is to wake the "Sleeping giant of American ingenuity." However, this path will be difficult, due to the exorbitant costs of training American workers to perform jobs that can be done at a much lower cost in China. He suggested the creation of a "Made in America mandate" that would ensure all energy transformers to be made in the United States. Like the panelists before him, he emphasized how reliant the United States is on China and how the latter is blatantly serious about becoming "The master race of this earth." He said that America's heavy dependence has made the country "Engaged in a national suicide." Spalding made a callback to Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince, which said, "Never attempt to win by force, what can be won by deception." An example of Chinese deception is through TikTok, which Spalding claimed is feeding America's youth misinformation subversively. Finally, Spalding warned that the only political enemy that matters, more so than the Democratic party Republicans will face in November, is the Chinese Communist Party, and America must do all that is necessary to prepare itself against it.

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