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July 9, 2024, 9:47 a.m.
The secret hospitals offering criminals new faces
The secret hospitals offering criminals new faces
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The Philippine hospitals are equipped with hair transplant tools and dental implants.

The secret hospitals offering criminals new faces

Clandestine hospitals in the Philippines have been offering plastic surgery services to fugitives and scam centre workers to help them evade arrest, authorities say. Two such illegal hospitals could be shut down "In the coming weeks" after police raided the first one in Manila's southern suburbs in May, a police spokesman told the BBC. Hair transplant tools, dental implants and skin whitening IV drips were seized from the hospital in Pasay City two months ago. The two illegal hospitals under surveillance are believed to be four times larger than the one in Pasay, authorities said. Their clients allegedly include those from online casinos, who are working in the Philippines illegally, Mr Casio said. Three doctors - two from Vietnam and one from China - a Chinese pharmacist, and a Vietnamese nurse were arrested in the Pasay raid, none of whom were licensed to work in the Philippines. "These Pogo hospitals don't ask for the proper identification cards... You could be a fugitive, or you could be an illegal alien in the Philippines," he said. "The president does not want the Philippines to be painted as a 'scam hub' and has given us a directive to go after scam farms because of how they have been targeting large numbers of people from all over the world," Mr Casio said.

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